Review of Flight Deck XM Goggle Tetrachroma Teal/VR50 Pink Iridium

Buy Ski Equipment online - Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Tetrachroma

Are you badly looking for a quality goggle for skiing or snowboarding? Then you have come to the right place because in this article I will mainly discuss about one of the most popular goggles known as “Flight Deck XM Goggle Tetrachroma Teal/VR50 Pink Iridium”. Just to inform you that this Goggle is quite popular over the whole world just because of having some exclusive features and benefits and this article will tell you about them. So please keep reading this article to know more in details.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of this Ski Goggle


Well, the actual price of this Goggle is US $94.38 where the retail price is US $180.00; I am really not so sure about the cost of this Goggle in other different online stores but if you want to buy this item from Gear Trade, then you will find it at that price. However, I am quite okay with the price of this Goggle because if you check out the price of this item in other stores, then you will find it a bit pricey than Gear Trade online outdoor gear store.

Whenever you are going to buy an item from an online store, you have to make payment through online. Though it’s a matter of sorrow but the truth is most of the people really don’t have any knowledge about it. Even, some of them don’t have any idea on how to shop from online. There is no denying the fact that online has made our life quite easier nowadays and at present most of the people prefer online shopping instead of shopping from outside. Anyway, if you have a Visa or MasterCard, then you will easily purchase anything from online within a very short time. Just put the information of your visa or credit card and you are done. But if you really don’t have these two, then probably you may need to depend on someone. Hope you got my point. That’s why it’s better to create a new Visa or MasterCard as fast as possible especially for online shopping and online payment as well.


“Oakley” is considered as the brand of this Goggle. Do you have any idea what most of the people do before going to buy an item? A majority of people follow different reviews from different sources but still they are not getting the right item. If you are the one with same experience, then I will definitely suggest you to give priority to the brand at first. Keep one thing in your mind that if you are quite able to buy branded items or products, then you won’t find any issue with your item anymore. One of the important reasons behind the huge popularity of this goggles is its brand. Oakley is considered as the most popular brand for ski-related equipment. So if you are badly in search of a ski equipment, try considering the items from this brand first.

Model:Buy Ski Equipment online - Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Tetrachroma

“Flight Deck XM Goggle” is considered as the model of this goggle. It can be said that this is the other reason behind the extreme popularity of this product.


This item can be used by both male and female.


One size.


If you are ready to buy this Goggle from Gear Trade, then you will find this item in an excellent condition for sure.

Recommended use:

1. Skiing.
2. Snowboarding.

• Pros:

1. It features an anti – fog coating.
2. Well ventilated design.
3. Rimless frame to grant full peripheral version.
4. Mid – sized fit is pretty much compact.
5. Lens sub – frame attachment allows for fast and simple lens changes.

• Cons:

A few people claimed that this goggle is a bit pricey for the quality they’re getting actually.

All these features and benefits I stated in the above clearly proves one thing that this Goggle consists of all the features and additional advantages that a standard goggle should really have. However, if you would like to compare this product with other ski Goggles and accessories, then you’re advised to surf the product groups, note down the specification, price and other information and compare. You should do this for your own satisfaction. But, of course, in my point of view, this Goggle could be an excellent option for those who are badly in search of a quality goggle for skiing or snowboarding.


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