Buy Steam keys online for Dark Souls III and push your patience to the limit!

Dark Souls III - Buy Steam Keys Online

A different kind of Hard Mode

Gamers can generally be categorized into two distinctions: the casual gamers and the hardcore gamers. Casual gamers usually just play on the Normal Mode of the game and just go through a game as carefree as possible without worrying too much about achievements or other rewards. They buy Steam keys online to have fun and escape from their ordinary lives by engaging themselves in a video game’s story.

Hardcore gamers are those that play video games for the challenge and the chance to hone their skills in hand-eye coordination. The Normal Mode of most video games is like an Easy Mode for hardcore gamers. It’s not unusual for these types of gamers to immediately start at Hard Mode without a second thought or an idea about what the game has in store for them. Hardcore gamers measure their success either by completing a video game in its most difficult setting or by completing the game with all the contents uncovered. Hardcore gamers are usually the population who buy Steam keys online for multiplayer games that are geared towards competitiveness.

However, there is one video game series that will make even the most hardcore of gamers cry for a Very Easy Mode: the Dark Souls series. Currently slated for a third installment, the Dark Souls series is as unforgiving as they come. Full of enemies that can easily summon a Game Over screen, the action role-playing game series requires not only superb skills but also a bit of luck.

The third game in the series, boasts improved graphics. But you probably won’t have the time to appreciate all the well-detailed graphics in the game because you’ll mostly spend your playing time fighting for your life. If you are looking to buy Steam keys online for the sake of graphics, that’s fine, but don’t think you can go sightseeing at will in Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls III - Buy cheap Steam Keys Online from Game key comparision site

A better(?) chance of survival after you buy Steam keys online

The last two Dark Souls games have been notoriously merciless and unforgiving, so it’s foolish to think that this third installment will be any less. But thank the heavens the developers noticed the sudden rise of broken controllers during the heyday of the previous Dark Souls games because they have added several new features to help players in fighting for their lives in the game.

Players can now confidently evade enemies by dodge-rolling and backstepping thanks to a refined movement system. This is especially helpful when trying to continuously avoid the enemies while observing their patterns in order to fight them effectively. Heavy weapons such as huge swords can also be swung at a faster rate, increasing the damage inflicted. Players can now also perform special abilities through a new feature called the “Ready Stance”, which are more powerful than normal attacks.

These improvements, however, also relies on the player’s careful observation of enemy patterns. Powerful equipment and refined combat mechanics are useless when players don’t use strategy on a regular basis. So, also take that into account when you want to buy Steam keys online for Dark Souls III on the best comparison sites.


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