Far Cry Primal – A Game Price Search that Takes You Way Back in Time

Far Cry Primal - A game price search

The perfect game price search for nature-lovers

The past two Far Cry games have been set in nature-themed game worlds: Far Cry 3 is set in a colorful and relaxing tropical paradise, whereas Far Cry 4 is set in the breathtaking Himalayas. It’s safe to assume that the developers probably have an aversion to sprawling, metropolitan settings. So, it’s not surprising that the next major game in the series is also set in a world filled with trees and wildlife instead of towering buildings and busy streets. The surprising part is that the game takes place in the past. As in 12,000 years into the past. Players who like saber-toothed cats and other prehistoric wildlife will definitely not regret spending a few hours doing a game price search on the best comparison sites for Far Cry Primal.

Players control the hunter Takkar, who is left to fight for survival after his companions were taken out, and must use all available resources to help the lonely hunter in establishing his place in the world. The wildlife in the game is not just for show, however. Players must fend off aggressive animals, which become more dangerous at night, and turn them into food. They can also make use of fire for either comfort or protection. Animal-lovers don’t have to worry about continuously preying upon the poor creatures, though, because the game also allows the players to tame them and turn them into companions instead. Doing a game price search and buying Far Cry Primal for the sole purpose of taming those extinct animals doesn’t sound so bad at all.

Far Cry Primal - cheap game price search

New, primal gameplay

Far Cry Primal is set way back into the past so, naturally, guns — and gunpowder for that matter — are not available in the game like the previous games in the series. So, say goodbye to your beloved rifles and say hello to bows and an assortment of melee weapons like clubs and spears. These weapons are also not bought at local shops or vendors wandering around. Instead, players must craft them using resources around the game world. If you are doing a game price search to play Far Cry Primal and expecting to have a lot of firepower, then you’ll be severely disappointed.

There is one element, however, that will make players feel like they are playing in the modern world armed with an airborne drone: Takkar’s pet owl. The loyal nocturnal bird can be controlled by the players to scout the surroundings for enemies. If you can’t get around the timing system for some reason, at least you can rest assured that one animal will always be your friend.

Being set in a time where tribes are still prevalent, Far Cry Primal gives players the chance to become the leader of one. As the leader of a tribe, players assume the responsibility of caring for and managing the tribe members.

With all the new gameplay elements, Far Cry Primal promises to be worth a good chunk of time spent on doing a thorough game price search, so don’t hesitate to do so when the game hits online stores.


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