How to Use a Taxi in Paris – Some Helpful tips for New Visitors

Whenever you going to travel from one place to another especially in Paris, then using taxi in Paris is one of the most popular ways of transportation. Without any doubt it can be said that it a taxi cab will help you to save your time and energy. Most importantly, it will also assist you to reach any place faster than others. However, in this short article I will be going to discuss how to use a taxi cab. I hope, all of you will enjoy reading this article.

First of all, what you need to do is to learn to find an empty taxi by following ways.

  1. At first, how can you understand that the taxi is occupied? Anyway, if you see that the flag is not raised, then you can easily think like that.
  1. Secondly, how can you determine whether the taxi is vacant or not?? If you see that the light on the top of the taxi is on (which can only be found at night), that time consider a taxi is vacant.

If you are completely unable to locate an exact taxi stand, then what you should do is to try locating any place / location where a normal car can easily park and definitely it can be such a place from where you can call a taxi.

In the third step, what you ought to do is to stand on any place of the street or it would be better if you stand on the curb of the pedestrian walkway and position yourself as much safely as you possibly can. This is very important. Now the question is, how you can stop a taxi? You can do that in two ways like by using your mouth or by using your hand. It will be quite possible for you to call a taxi by holding your hand out or you can shout “taxi” when you are going to catch sight of an empty taxi. Keep in mind that when the driver is starting to park the taxi, never forget to bring back your hand.

Paris Car with Chauffeur


Another best and most convenient way is to hire a private Paris car service or Paris taxi is to book from online system. Nowadays almost all the paris taxi service provider company offer their service on their website.  It also allow you to even calculate the taxi fare in advance by input your pick up and drop off destination in taxi fare calculator. Once you confirm your booking by paying through credit card or PayPal, the cab will be at your pick up location on time.

After getting into the taxi, tell the driver exactly where you want to go. But if it’s not possible for you to do that, then what you can do is to mention the address or you can also describe the building. But it’s not wise to use the street name only. Keep it in your mind. For your kind information, several long roads stretch through some suburbs, even cities. Reading the flag fall and pricing information very carefully are also the two most vital parts.

Ensure you check the right amount after reaching out your destination. After that you can ask for tipping requirement. Don’t forget to check your belongings before getting out of the taxi. And at last, close the door tightly. If you have one or more person on the taxi, then before going to close the door you should wait for them till they exit.

So that’s all about using a taxi in Paris. I hope this article will surely assist you to avoid all types of taxi related problems especially in Paris.


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