Online marketing, the double ended sword!


Do you know how many people are connected with internet somehow throughout the world? Its 40% of total population. Now you can guess how big this number is. If I ask you to send my brand name to this 40% people, what will be your answer? It’s easy and we call it online marketing. Online marketing is just a version of marketing. It use internet as a platform to reach a lot of customers in a systematic way. Online marketing refers all the procedures of marketing through internet.

What are the ways of online marketing?

This question is literally tough to answer. There are thousands of ways to do it and online marketing is not limited within some fixed works. You will be amazed to hear that, everyday there are rising new techniques as the internet based things are growing. What are the popular search engine marketing ways till now? The answer is:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Web sites which are lead-based
  3. Social media marketing.
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Online advertising (like AdSense).

There are just some focusing sector of online marketing ways. There are lots of other ways.

Ways of Digital Marketing

What should be perfect for online marketing?

From my experience I can say, there are no answer of this question. It depend upon your product/service, your capability, your strategy, your target customer and of course money is a matter here. Suppose, social media marketing is quite popular now. People like to be any of the social Medias and it’s easy to reach them there. But, there are some cons. You might not get the exact customers from the mass. In many cases it may exceed your budget even. Again suppose email marketing was quite popular once. But now, many people have taken it as spamming.

Decide for a perfect match of your online marketing:

Branding & Designing is quite important before you go for any online marketing. Marketing not just mean to get traffic, you need to promote your product. So, it’s important how you turn your traffic into your customers. For this, choose the best match of promoting. Getting 5 customers from 20 visitors is far better than getting 1 customer from 50 visitors. So, run your campaign in a creative way.


Why search engine optimization?

This is the purest of all the processes for online marketing. People used to search on search engines. So, you can get your required peoples from this search engine. SEO is the only way for this process. Believe me, organic traffic is beyond comparison! This is pure class. Some online marketing may drive you wrong traffic, but these are the people who actually looking for your product. Search engine optimization is a vast way. You might get into this before you go for a perfect online marketing.

I have personally seen a lot of online marketing buzz maintaining a proper balance of all these. This is the way of success. Let your online marketing get the highest force. Learn more and boost your capability.


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